3 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Extra Special


One of the best aspects of going out to a nice dinner on Valentine’s Day is surrounding yourself with other smiling couples in love. February 14th is the one night a year that people are simply happy. No crying babies, no stressful work talk…just happy to spend time with the person they love.


With the big day less than a week away, many people are scrambling about how to make the holiday extra special for their significant other. If you fall into this category, we’re here to help! Here are a few simple ways to show your date how much they mean to you:


Spend the Entire Day Together


Try to think back to the last time you and your significant other were able to relax together from the minute you woke up to when you went to bed. Chances are, you can’t even remember! Busy schedules, kids and professional commitments make this nearly impossible.

Make the conscious decision with your loved one to clear your schedules for February 14th. If you make arrangements early enough, spending the whole day together is completely possible. However you choose to fill your day, we just can’t think of anything more romantic than spending it together.


Surprise Your Loved One With a Fully-Planned Evening


Pull out all the stops for an evening on the town with your date. Take all the stress of making reservations and arranging transportation off of your significant other. Instead, take care of every aspect of the night.

One of the most special ways to spend Valentine’s Day is a gourmet meal at a local restaurant followed by dancing and drinks. Reserve a table at Palm Valley Fish Camp for a romantic dinner on the water. To take this task full-circle, hire a driving service if you plan to drink, arrange for Champagne to be delivered to the table and surprise your date with flowers.


Write a Love Letter


It can truly be as simple as a handwritten note to brighten your spouse’s spirits this holiday. Pour out your thoughts and feelings into the letter for possibly the most sincere gift you could ever give.

While it’s natural to want to spend lots of money on a gift, the best gift you could give is free. Start your romantic evening this Valentine’s Day with a love letter they can keep forever.


Love will certainly be in the air this year with these ideas on how to make Valentine’s Day extra special! We recommend combining all three tips for a day you and your date can’t forget. The most important thing is to just spend time together. Reach out to our team at Palm Valley Fish Camp to make a reservation today. We’re honored to have you and your loved one for your special night!


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