4 Ways to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo the Right Way

Time to dig up your ponchos and sombreros because Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner! This colorful, lively holiday falls on a Saturday this year so you have NO excuse not to celebrate. Our party experts at Palm Valley Fish Camp want you to make the most of this holiday, so we’ve put together a couple fuego recipes that’ll have you dancing like Shakira all day long:


Blueberry Margarita

Nothing says Cinco de Mayo like some tasty margaritas! As far as ingredients go, you’ll need fresh blueberries, lime, simple syrup, orange bitters, salt and lots of tequila. Your first step is to rub the rim of each margarita glass with a lime wedge, dip the rims in a small pile of salt, then add ice to the glasses. Next, add the blueberries and lime juice to the shaker and shake until blueberries are pulverized. Then, add the tequila, simple syrup, orange bitters, a handful of ice and any leftover rind from the limes to the shaker. Finally, shake vigorously then pour into the salted glasses.


Strawberry Mojito

Mojitos are the perfect summer quencher, so why not have a few for this special day? You need fresh strawberries, lime juice, spearmint sprigs, simple syrup, soda water and most importantly, RUM! In a chilled highball glass, mix the simple syrup, strawberries and mint leaves together and crush the strawberries and mint leaves well with the back of a spoon or a muddler. Stir in the lime juice and rum, then fill the glass with ice and top off with soda water. Finally, stir and garnish with mint sprigs or strawberry slices.


Palm Valley’s Ceviche

Ceviche is a tricky dish to make on your own, that’s one of the many reasons you have to try Palm Valley’s ceviche. We’ve perfected the ratio of fish, juice and peppers, so we know it’s the best you’ll ever have. Summer or winter, stop by Palm Valley Fish Camp for the Ceviche of the Day served with as many soda crackers as your heart desires.


Avocado Shrimp Salsa

This super easy recipe is sure to be a hit at any Cinco de Mayo party! You’ll need peeled raw shrimp, salt and black pepper, olive oil, lime juice, avocados, cucumber, tomatoes, diced onion and chopped cilantro. Season the shrimp lightly with salt and pepper and cook at medium high heat with a little olive oil. Once finished, chop up the shrimp, cucumber, tomatoes and onion and add it into a bowl with the cilantro and lime juice. Mix thoroughly and eat with chips!
There’s no better way to spend this colorful holiday than with good company, great food and strong drinks. Grab your sombreros and head to Palm Valley Fish Camp for the ultimate Cinco de Mayo experience. Our delicious cocktails will have you singing Despacito all the way home!

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