Autumn Is Here & Here’s How to Get in the Spirit


As the rest of the country begins to pile on sweaters and rake leaves, Floridians still get to enjoy the beach and sunshine for a little while longer. Although the weather will remain fairly mild for the rest of the year in Jacksonville, there’s no reason we can’t indulge in the typical autumn pleasures. We’ve got a few ways (that don’t require snow boots and heavy coats, thank goodness!) to make it feel like fall.


Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Some people might take this holiday favorite a little overboard, but we don’t blame them one bit. If you’re a fellow PSL-lover (pumpkin spice latte lover for anyone out of the loop), similar recipes like pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls and pumpkin spice doughnuts are just as tasty. In addition to these sweet suggestions, we have a great date night idea for you. Celebrate the season by carving pumpkins and indulging in some yummy pumpkin spice ice cream…all while watching a festive movie. Give some other fall essentials a try like an apple cider, maple pancakes, chai tea or butternut squash soup. If you’re stuck on the sweets and are looking for other great fall desserts, come by Marker 32 and try our maple crème brûlée or spiced citrus pears. Our mouths are watering just thinking about these goodies.


Decorate Inside as If the Snow Is Falling Outside

Just because the trees are still green doesn’t mean you can’t put a red, yellow and orange wreath on the door. Although we don’t get a true fall here in Florida, each of our restaurants is filled with all kinds of seasonal decor. If you want to go all out and decorate for the season yourself, any local craft store or superstore is sure to have tons of great decorations to help get you and your family in the spirit. Need a little inspiration? Some seasonal kitchen towels, a table runner and cinnamon candles will have it feeling like fall without you even having to step outside!


Take Advantage of our Little Bit of Cold Weather

Although it never lasts very long, the Jacksonville fall weather is perfect. It’s sunny and temperatures stay in the 60s. Does it get any better than that? Be sure to prop open your doors and windows during the day, and invite some friends over at night to put that backyard patio and fire pit to use. Even though the rest of the season is fairly warm, take advantage of these few weeks of heavenly temperatures. Have a picnic on the beach, go for a hike and just enjoy the things your friends up north won’t be able to experience for the next few months.


Corn Mazes, Fall Festivals & Turkey Trots

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean all the fall festivities are coming to an end. You’re in luck! A few corn mazes and fall festivals in central and north Florida remain open through Thanksgiving. Also, keep an eye out for upcoming tree lightings, generally after Thanksgiving and at the beginning of December. If you and your family like to get out and get active, check out some Turkey Trots to keep off those Thanksgiving calories.


If you’re trying to get into the fall spirit, these tips will have you snuggling up, drinking some hot cider and believing the leaves are falling outside. Fall doesn’t have to look the same here in Florida as it does everywhere else. Just make sure to get into the season of Thanksgiving with friends and family, and take advantage of whatever cool weather comes around.


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