Why You Should Avoid Farmed Fish

Industrial farm fishing is one of the fastest growing forms of food production. Essentially, the fish are grown in farms then served in restaurants and food stores all around the world. In terms of quality food supply, this sounds like a great idea…But at what cost? When you eat farmed fish over locally caught fish, there are a few prices you pay:


Lack of Health Benefits

The first thing you need to know about farmed fish is that it simply isn’t as healthy as locally caught fish from the ocean. One reason so many people eat fish is for the many health benefits. One of the main health benefits of fish is the abundance of omega-3 fatty acids. Years of studies show omega-3s are plentiful in many of the fish people eat and are beneficial to overall heart health.

When you eat farmed fish, you lose a lot of the omega-3 benefits that typically accompany a good fish dish. Research shows that farmed fish can have as much as 50 percent less omega-3 fatty acids when compared to locally caught fish from the ocean, a lake, or wherever it has been caught.


Lack of Taste

Seafood experts will also say they can really tell the difference from a taste perspective when comparing farmed fish to fresh fish. When you consume a locally caught fresh fish from waters just down the street from the restaurant, you’re eating the most natural and freshest fish available. When you consume a piece of farmed fish, or even fish that was caught thousands of miles away, frozen and shipped to the restaurant, a lot of the flavor is lost.


Animal Cruelty

Members of the farmed fish community are often adamant about their humane practices and the benefit they provide to the community, but this isn’t always the case. Contrary to popular belief, research shows that fish feel pain just like any other creature and have the ability to stress over the inevitable in advance.

Farmed fish are able to spread disease from their environment into the wild that could cause a lot of problems for wild fish and the consumers of farmed fish. We must strive to limit diseases from spreading all over the world.


If you’re going to go out for a nice seafood meal, hold yourself to a higher standard and don’t settle for farmed fish. The team at Palm Valley Fish Camp isn’t here to simply serve you good, fresh fish. We’re looking out for your health and well-being, too. We can’t wait to serve you this summer!

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