North Beach Fish Camp

Dining Profile: Palm Valley Fish Camp

Owners Ben and Liza Groshell opened the newest iteration of the Palm Valley Fish Camp in 2009 as a supplement to their main restaurant, Marker 32. They took the name (with permission) of the old Palm Valley Fish Camp - which closed several years ago - that sat under...

Behind the Scenes: Safe Harbor restaurant opens doors

When most restaurateurs were closing up shop, Ben and Liza Groshell couldn’t open up new restaurants fast enough to keep up with demand.

The husband-and-wife duo, who founded Marker 32 in Jacksonville Beach 24 years ago, originally opened Palm Valley Fish Camp as a fun pursuit. The Groshells had spent time in fish camps along the coast, and wanted to open something like it in the area.

Matt About Jax: You won’t find fresher seafood than at North Beach Fish Camp

This has been a fun week in Jacksonville as some great restaurants from around the city teamed up to celebrate October as National Seafood Month. Discounted dishes were offered in hopes of promoting the health benefits of eating seafood. Luckily, we get some of the freshest. Any excuse is a good excuse to eat seafood, so I headed to the beach to try a local favorite, North Beach Fish Camp.

The 3 Best Summer Seafood Dishes

Where do we even begin! The hot, humid summer in Jacksonville calls for cold drinks and fresh salads. But, it also calls for light pasta dishes and locally sourced seafood. The last thing you want after a long muggy day is a piping hot dish loaded with cream. Not sure...