Our Expert Breakdown of an Amazing Ceviche

Toss your traditional oven and stovetop cooking techniques aside. If you haven’t cooked your seafood with a carefully prepared citrus marinade, you’re missing out on something great. You don’t have to understand the science behind the dish to know it tastes really good. Out of this world good.

But what is ceviche, exactly? The dish consists of pieces of raw shellfish or fish immersed in an acidic marinade like citrus juice. Vegetables like onions and jalapenos are common accouterments. After a while, the citrus marinade has a similar cooking effect on the seafood as heat. Palm Valley Fish Camp rotates different ceviche preparations onto our menu every week. This magical dish is a seafood lover’s favorite, and here’s how it comes together:

Select the Right Seafood

Standard choices for ceviche include fresh shrimp and scallops. These are great staples to start with, but we highly recommend you venture outside your comfort zone. When you feel you’ve mastered the standard preparation, give a semi-firm white fish its time to shine.

It’s important to always, always use the freshest seafood you can find. Frozen or days-old seafood lacks flavor and vibrant color. We live in one of Florida’s main fishing hubs, so you shouldn’t have any problem getting your hands on something good.

Over-Marinading Isn’t an Option

You must walk the fine line between undercooked and over-marinaded seafood when preparing ceviche. Once you prep all the ingredients and begin the marinading process, the time you marinade the fish is completely up to personal preference. It’s kind of like how you prefer your steak.

Anywhere from two minutes to an hour is perfectly acceptable. Any less and it’s unsafe to eat, any longer and you have a piece of fish in the same category as a steak cooked well done. (Sorry if that’s your kinda thing.)


*Source: SeriousEats.com

Brighten the Dish With Bold Ingredients

So much more goes into an amazing ceviche than citrus juice and seafood. Give your dish a pop of color with uniformly diced or sliced veggies like red bell peppers, green bell peppers and onions. Pro tip: remove the seeds in the peppers you use to improve the overall flavor.

It’s important for every component to be similar in size so everything evenly marinades. Great knife skills won’t just improve flavor, they improve the presentation.

Sample the Good Stuff at Palm Valley Fish Camp

Sure, you can make ceviche at home. But when a perfectly prepared version is right up the road at your local Fish Camp, why would you? Palm Valley Fish Camp has been serving fresh, excellent seafood in a waterfront setting for years.

Come on in and see for yourself why our guests think our ceviche is so special. Be sure to make a reservation!


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