Why Our Fried Dinner Platters Are A Must Try

Nothing tastes better on a chilly winter day than a generous helping of classic comfort food. Sure, you could settle for something basic like pizza or mac n’ cheese. Or you could step up your dining game this winter and indulge in something a whole lot better. Fried seafood platters at the Fish Camp boast all of the goodness you want and nothing you don’t. Here’s what we’re talking about:

Build Your Own Fried Seafood Feast

You have so many options when you dine with us. Keep it healthy and order a salad or filet of blackened fish. Or…walk on the wild side and treat yourself to something indulgent. The Fish Camp’s fried dinner platters are made fresh, just for you. Every single time.

Choose any of these delicious options as the focal point of your fried platter: deviled crab, oysters, shrimp, scallops, clam strips, fish filet or a combination. Trust us, you really can’t go wrong with any of the options.

The Platters Pair Perfectly with All of Our Fresh Sides

We’re not speaking in hyperbole here. We mean all 11 irresistible side dishes play well with a fried dinner platter. Whether you want to go all-in and order a fried side or balance out your meal with something green, we’ve got ‘ya covered with our side dish choices. Of course, we do have a few favorite pairings to recommend.

Craving something a bit lighter with your fried shrimp? Opt for collard greens and turnip slaw to give your meal a pop of healthy color. Want to max out your fried cravings? We don’t blame you! French fries are a natural pairing for fried seafood baskets.

Plenty of Food to Share with Family and Friends

We don’t skimp on the amount of fried seafood we serve on each platter. What would be the fun in that? Whether you order just one type of fried food or opt for a big combination platter, there’s plenty of crispy goodness to go around.

One of our favorite ways to enjoy these platters is to share with the whole table. Pair a seafood combination platter with a few different appetizers for a grazing feast fit for a crowd. A few of our favorite starters to order with your fried food include spicy pimiento cheese spread or roasted beet salad.

Satisfy Your Fresh Food Cravings at Palm Valley Fish Camp

Warm yourself up this season with the best quality seafood in Florida. We source locally whenever possible and cook with the best ingredients available. From the cocktails we concoct to the fish we fry, we don’t cut corners here at Palm Valley Fish Camp.

We can’t wait to see you! Book your reservation here to guarantee a seat at your favorite table.

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