Take Advantage of Seasonal Fruits with these Cocktail Recipes


Summer is winding down and we’re gliding into Fall as we speak (contrary to the 100+ degree temperatures…) Before the holidays start creeping up on us, we want to wind down with a few cocktails that highlight how great summer was. We’re picking cocktails that showcase the fruits that are in season here in Florida during the late-summer/early-fall season. Here are some of our favorites:


Danny Ocean Cocktail

Grapefruits are in season right now and we’re loving this Ocean’s 11 inspired cocktailCo. Danny Ocean’s character is played by George Clooney, so this cocktail is made from reposado tequila made at Casamigos, a brand that’s owned by Clooney. Mix the tequila with some maraschino, grapefruit and lemon juices, along with some agave nectar. Shaken and served on the rocks, this cocktail will inspire you to reminisce on summer. Add a slice of grapefruit to the rim to boost the presentation, it’s a game changer.


Grapes of Wrath

We’re going from grapefruits to grapes, tart to sweet. Grapes are in season and they’re sweeter than ever. To calm down the sweetness, pour in spiced fortified red wine, this will enhance the grape flavor and cut down on the natural sweeteners. Muddle your grapes with some simple syrup to bring the flavors out. Shake them all together, sip and enjoy this seasonal splash of sweetness.


Mango-Peach Sangria

Mangoes and peaches are a match made in heaven. Throw in some Grand Marnier, Viognier and a pinch of sugar and you’ll have a cocktail full of happiness. Add some mint, peach and mango wedges it’ll taste and look absolutely delicious. A perfect way to end the summer and kickstart a new season full of new beginnings.


Tangerine Basil Cocktail

Citrus is definitely a familiar flavor profile for us Floridians. With the holidays creeping up on us, we’re in the mood for adding herbs to our drinks. Basil and citrus are so well-paired we just have to share it with you. Pour some bourbon on the rocks, add basil flavored simple syrup, a dash of orange bitters, tangerine juice, a little water and whole basil leaves. Sip and enjoy a perfect blend of Summer and Fall, you can thank us later.


These are the absolute best seasonal fruit cocktails for this transition period between Summer and Fall. We love the flavor profiles, there’s one for every mood. Throw back a few of these cocktails and enjoy the company of some of your closest friends. They’ll be extremely impressed with your mixology skills. Shaken or stirred, you can’t go wrong with incorporating some seasonal fruits.

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